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An electric fireplace heater is a traditional fireplace that uses electricity as the main source of energy instead of wood, coal or charcoal. Although a relatively new invention in this industry; this appliance has grown in leaps and bounds. In recent years there has been an upsurge of the types and varieties offered within this sub sector as manufacturer seek to ensure that their customers lack for nothing. These fireplaces can be plugged in on any mains electricity and don’t require much maintenance in way of cleaning. These among many other features have made them into great modern alternatives for heating ones home at all times. The following are a few basic features that one should familiarize themselves with before seeking to invest in these systems.

How an Electric Fireplace Heater works

The electric fireplace heater is usually plugged onto any mains electricity source and is usually rated at about 110v. In most cases these appliances are also portable and they can be moved from room to room or even outdoors. This ensures that they can serve in place of traditional heating elements without any additional costs. Once plugged onto the mains line these items tend to produce heat and warm up a living area instantly.

Alternatively they can be set to the popular no-heat setting that gives the appearance of the burning flames but with no heat production. This is particularly great in warmer seasons.

What are the Benefits?

Generally this fireplace is just a traditional heat emitting home appliance that only happens to be portable and uses electricity. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications in and around the house. This appliance is very efficient and tends to offer improved energy efficiency at all times. Additionally it is very easy to maintain at all times as it requires no cleaning like other alternative fireplaces such as the wood or charcoal.

Further this tidiness also ensures that these places are very attractive at all times and always considerably improve the ambience of a room. They are also used by most home owners as great aesthetic features that blend right in with the rest of the décor as they come in many different colors and intriguing designs just for this. Some of the most popular striking fireplaces include the popular media consoles that most home owners use for their great looks as well as for the fireplace.

Another notable advantage offered by these fire places is the fact that they are portable. This means that they can be moved around from place to place particularly in different rooms. Additionally they are usually used in outdoors heating applications without compromising on their great energy efficiency at any given time. These appliances are also very easy to use and handle and they are very safe as one doesn’t have to worry about maintenance costs. Indeed they remain the same for many years particularly since they tend to be very easy to clean out and do not suffer from common problems experienced in wood and charcoal fireplaces such as soot and staining.


Electric Fireplace Heater Types

The other important factor that one should always consider when in the market looking to invest in a great electric fireplace heater is the type. These appliances come in many different types that are designed to fit a wide range of needs, tastes and applications. Some of the most popular types available in the market today include the corner fireplaces. These are highly portable and are particularly ideal in situations where one might not have enough space to place their fireplace. Ideally they are constructed to fit onto corners thus saving on space and improving the overall ambience of a room.

The wall hang electric fireplaces are another common and very popular type of these appliances. They are very ideal in situations where one might be hard pressed for floor spaces as they are usually hang on the wall. In most cases home owners tend to purchase them as they require little or no maintenance apart from their ability to instantly transform a living area.

Other popular types of the electric fireplace heater include the media consol electric fireplaces. These usually come in very attractive designs that are creatively put together to combine a traditional fireplace and a media center. Normally the fire place serves as a support for ones television and other media appliances. These fireplaces tend to feature great designs with wood or natural stone finishes that tend to do wonders on the home décor. Some of the most popular finishes include the hardwood, walnut, cherry and oak which further enhance the great looks of these items.

When looking to instantly transform a home and keep it as warm as possible the media console fireplaces have been known to do the trick within no time. These appliances are thus created to ensure that one lacks for nothing as far as efficient and highly convenient heating goes in one’s home not forgetting a great and very transforming ambience.