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Amish fireplace is a heat surge fireplace. It does not require wood to burn or a chimney to let the smoke out. This fire less heater generates heat with electricity. This beautiful piece is covered with wooden mantle which is carefully handcrafted by the people of Amish community in Ohio, which is the largest Amish community in the country.

The Mantle of this heater is made with rich oak wood which is rubbed with a heat resistant varnish. This heater comes with four wheels fitted in the bottom which makes moving it across the house very easy. This fireplace also comes as a wall mount that can be hanged as a picture. The fake flames in the picture give realistic sounds of fire cracking. This wall mount fireplace comfortably heats the room of approximately 400 square feet with 9 feet ceiling. It costs around 12 cents of electricity per hour on high heat setting and 6 cents an hour on low heat. It takes no more than 5 minutes to assemble this fireplace.

The Amish fireplace is good for use in the master bedroom or guest bedrooms in the house or it fits perfectly as the source of heat in a small apartment. This heater comes with a couple of safety features which makes it very safe to use in the house with kids. It has a built in sensor that switches off the heater automatically whenever the heater is tipped off accidentally. This feature prevents any fire accidents. Another safety feature includes a 15 amp Internal Circuit Breaker which is useful in case of a power surge to protect the heater from any potential damage.


The required temperature in the room can be set on the built in thermostat which controls the heat in the room. The heater has the option to turn the display of the fake flames on without switching on the heating elements. The brightness of the flames on the screen can also be adjusted with few settings on the remote control. This heater generates up to 5119 BTUs (British thermal unit) of heat energy by using 1500 watts of power. It also comes in 750 watts power setting that generates around 2559 BTUs of heat.

The Amish fireplace has earned the certification from CE-EMC, CEC, CE-LVD, and FCC and earned the prestigious seal from the Good Housekeeping. All the fireplaces from Amish come with a minimum of one year warranty.